States of Guernsey secure Guernsey’s interests ahead of UK/EU trade deal

During 2020 Guernsey‘s government worked hard to secure Guernsey‘s future relationship with the EU as part of the UK/EU trade deal after Brexit.
Successful negotiations have been reached in the following areas:

  • Continuation of our common travel area
  • A new customs agreement with the UK allowing the free flow of goods between Guernsey and UK
  • Membership of the World Trade Organisation has been extended to Guernsey
  • Confirmed preferential tariffs with Free Trade Agreement Partners as in the UK
  • Reaffirmation from the UK Government that it will not legislate for the Bailiwick of Guernsey without its express consent
  • Data protection equivalence
  • Third country recognition in the trade of animal products
  • Extension of the Bailiwick‘s territorial sea
  • No change in the Bailiwick‘s relationship with the EU as a third country for services

Guernsey‘s government approved the UK‘s 24th December deal on 27th December 2020.

The Bailiwick‘s Protocol 3 arrangement with the EU was primarily concerned with the sale of goods, whereas the Bailiwick has always been recognized as a third country for sale of services. This will continue and there will be no change providing reassurance of continuity in the finance sector. This third country status also extends to Guernsey‘s data protection legislation which again means that Guernsey is in a strong position and there will be no changes in this area.

EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals wishing to live and work in Guernsey will need to apply for a work permit and a VISA from 1st January 2021. British citizens will form part of the common travel area and will not require a VISA but will need a work permit as has previously been the case.

The Bailiwick will form part of a single British Islands customs territory – so alas no more duty free!

Guernsey‘s government is working with the Department for International Trade in the UK to ensure that the Bailiwick is represented in any trade deals that the UK makes with rest of world free trade agreements. For example deals with countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Post Brexit, Guernsey‘s financial services industry is in a strong, secure position, largely due to its continuing third country status. Business as usual then in this wonderful relatively COVID-free island. 2021 is looking to be a favourable year for Guernsey and its islands.

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